How to Make Your 4th of July Party Spectacular!

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You’ve all been to the typical 4th of July party in someone’s garage or backyard. You walk in and see people wearing red, white, and blue, and kids running throughout the yard. You hear an old bean bag as it hits the rusted board laying in the grass. Everyone is sitting around in old lawn chairs, holding a beer, looking kind of bored. 

Now it’s your turn to host this year’s big summer celebration, and you want to make it spectacular.  After all, an amazing celebration is what creates lasting memories.  Here are some simple ways to liven up your 4th of July party!

  • Apparel:  Encourage your guests to come decked out head-to-toe in the red, white and blue. The more outrageous, the better!
  • Décor: Make your party come to life with some festive tablecloths and flagged centerpieces. Brighten the room or yard with some colorful lights!
  • Food: This is the main reason why most people come to the party… to eat! So, don’t limit the grill to just hot dogs. Add in a fruit tray (or cake, if you have a sweet tooth like me) in the shape of a flag. Store some red, white, and blue popsicles in the freezer for the kids. If you want to ease the workload, then make it a potluck! Have all your friends and family bring an item to share.
  • Alcohol: Another vital aspect of the party! In addition to beer and pop, make a signature cocktail. A red, white, and blue frozen sangria or a watermelon-blueberry cooler to beat the heat. Check out the other recipes here!
  • Games: It’s not a Minnesota 4th of July party without a game of Bags aka Cornhole. Pull out some more games tucked away in your garage like ladder golf, bocce ball, or even put up a volleyball net. Change it up a bit and play volleyball with water balloons!
  • Music: If have musical talent in your sphere, coordinate a mini-concert.  Reach out to your friends and family to perform for everyone. Otherwise take advantage of Spotify’s free 4th of July Party Playlist!
  • Read the Declaration of Independence: You read it right! My friend Katy does this with her family, and it’s always a hit! Print off the country’s most famous document, cut it into small sections, number them in order, and hand out to your guests. Stand in a circle and read it together. This is a great way to get everyone involved and connect with America’s history! Plus, it leads to some very interesting conversations about why we are celebrating this great country.
  • After the sun goes down: If you have a fire pit, throw some logs in and light it up! Don’t forget to set out some Citronella candles around the yard to ward off mosquitoes. Grab some sparklers for the kids and bring out the s’mores!
  • Fireworks: Most cities have a firework show every year, so bring some lawn chairs, blankets, or hop on the boat to watch the vibrant colors illuminate the sky! Or plan ahead and buy some of your own fireworks to set off in your backyard. Be mindful of your neighbors (and dogs!).

Adding these little extra touches takes a good party to a great party, and creates those life-long memories. If you want to make your events magical, contact us to start the conversation. Happy Birthday, America!


This article was magically handcrafted by Shelby Neumann

Wendy Porter is the Owner/Chief Events Architect at Wendy Porter Events, LLC, and a national award-winning event strategist. Connect with Wendy on her Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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